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Six Apartments

Reynold Reynolds

Opening Friday, September 07. 2007, 6 pm
September 08 - October 20, 2007
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6 pm
As part of the exhibition Six Apartments, we are pleased to announce the premiere of Reynold Reynolds's "Six Apartments," a spacious, double-screen video installation. (Two screen video projection loop transferred from 16mm with a duration of 10 min.)

"Six Apartments" is a poetic document of decline and deterioration - both physical and ideal, hypnotic and melancholic. Six isolated occupants of six different apartments live their lives unaware of each other. Without drama they eat food, wander between rooms, bathe, watch television, and sleep. Yet whilst it may appear that nothing is happening here, the apartment building and its inhabitants' bodies are aging, giving way to bacteria, larva, and finally transformation. Everything is in a state of resolute conversion. Immense drama does exist: chaos overcomes order; rot supercedes life; small destroys large.

The occupants' lives are sinking slowly towards death according to the deliberate, methodical rhythms of their uniform days: An old woman is playing cards; she is dying. An old man is listening to the radio; discomposed interiors of activity relentlessly eat away at him. All of the tenants are victims of the realities of physical deterioration as well as of their own psychological attempts to accept the attendant struggle with death. In their passivity and isolation, the inhabitants emerge as the true form of death, while the rooms they inhabit maintain the ongoing transformation of life. The potential of life, then, exists only in the process of death. Eventually all forms of life are consumed by new life. The implacability of decay results in an explosion of life.

Reynolds's "Six Apartments" sustains a mood of hopelessness, or perhaps more optimistically, one of melancholia, and even if the occupants remain unaware, the viewer sees: in death lies a great activity of life.

Reynold Reynolds was born in 1966 in Central City, Alaska. In 1989 he obtained a B.A. in physics and philosophy from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he went on to study art and film under Stan Brakhage for the next two years. In 1995 he earned an M.F. A. in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York. During the late nineties, Reynolds experimented with Super 8mm and 16mm film, often collaborating on art projects with Christoph Draeger and Patrick Jolley. His films have been screened at international film festivals and won numerous awards.
In 2003 he received a grant from the John Simone Guggenheim Foundation, and in 2004 he was invited to the American Academy in Berlin to work at Künstlerhaus Bethanien studio for one year. In 2006, the Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art showed his work "Burn". In 2007 he participated in the exhibition INTO ME / OUT OF ME at Kunstwerke, Berlin.
Reynolds lives in New York City and Berlin, Germany.

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